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A head injury leaves a psychic medium with amnesia and in the hands of a disturbed backwoods woman who blames her for the loss of her daughter.

Supernatural Horror

94 pages


Frights! Camera! Action!  --- Finalist --- 2017

Screencraft Horror ---  Quarter-Finalist --- 2017

The Monthly Film Festival  ---  Quarter-Finalist --- 2017

Horror Films in Hotlanta --- Official Selection --- 2017

Diabolical Horror Film Festival  --- Official Selection --- 2017

Indie  Suspense Horror Sci-Fi Festival  ---  Offical Selection --- 2017

Bloodstained Indie Film Festival  ---  Official Selection --- 2017

Horror Films in Hotlanta said this:  "Louisiana screenwriter Linda Hullinger weaves quite the twisted tale in her feature length Horror Screenplay, 'Misguided.' Linda has a unique way of creating the confusion surrounding an injury as the main character, Olivia, struggles to avoid a dangerous situation and keep a grip on reality."

And under the title "Keeping Grave Secrets" 

13Horror com --- Finalist --- 2018

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